What You Can Do

Ukuthemba is a Xhosa word which means to believe, trust and hope. It is one of those words that is not easy to define because it represents the essence of all that we cherish in humanity, in the absence of which we find heartbreak and despair. Fortunately, through the work of our organisation and with the assistance of people like you, those born into despair can be raised to believe that there is hope and this is our sacred trust.

Child Drinking Juice

Pop-Up Dinner Parties

Organising your own Ukuthemba Foundation Pop-up dinner is a great way of meeting new people and networking. Simply organise by hosting a dinner party and inviting 8 to 10 paying guests/friends at a charge of circa £30/ R100 per person. That way they will be enjoying a nice evening out while helping a good cause. 100% of the proceeds will go to Ukuthemba Foundation.

Sponsor A Child

By sponsoring one of our children you can actively contribute to their future. Imagine how their lives will change with the chance of an education, and with the simple day to day things we take for granted like adequate food, shelter and love? All you have to do is set up a standing order on your bank account. We will keep you updated on your child’s progress bi-annually via direct contact. You can also have access to the home should you wish to visit and we can provide full details of how your funds are spent.

Fundraising Events

Visit our news page to find out more about amazing fundraisers that held yearly. We bring together many like minded people to enjoy amazing venues, outstanding food and once in a lifetime auctions! 100% of the funds donated will go to the needs of these children. Find out more about fundraisers here…


Fifteen years ago a tiny, abandoned child with HIV came into our lives. Today he is a well-adjusted young man approaching his final years at school. We committed to going the long haul with him and other children like him. You however don’t need to – your job is easier but no less important. Take a moment, push a button, donate what you can afford and sit back knowing that you are helping us to repeat this wonderful story.


Our Wish List



  • House in Goodwood/Thornton/Pinelands (preferably) or any other similar area, purchased or sponsored. We can provide you with a detailed proposal.
  • Anyone wishing to sponsor a child on a monthly debit order can contact us for further information. You can meet the child and be provided with updates of his/her progress.
  • Anyone wishing to take on or contribute towards one of the monthly costs like electricity, insurance, telephone, security can do so. This can be paid directly via debit order by you to the provider.
  • Any cash donations are greatly appreciated! Anyone wishing to make such donations can do so via your PayPal account or using your credit card. Click here:

Children's Home Donations


  • Minibus/Combi/trailer/dishwasher/microwave/lawn mower
  • Washing machine/fridges/kitchen appliances
  • Dining chairs/stools/benches/lounge chairs/couch/carpets/coffee table
  • Garden furniture/ Blow-up pool/ Umbrellas
  • Wardrobes/chest of draws/bookshelves
  • Wooden cots and linen
  • Kiddies bunk beds and linen/curtains/bedside tables and lamps
  • Single beds/mattresses/waterproof mattress protectors for bed wetting
  • Cooking pots/educational toys/school books/pencil cases and stationary
  • Books/toys/TV games (Playstation or similar)
  • Boys and girls clothing and shoes – winter and summer
  • Boy 15 yrs-size Small Mens
  • Boy 14 yrs- size Large Boys
  • Boy 11/12 yrs- size 4 Shoes
  • Girl 11 yrs- size 2 Shoes
  • 2x Girls 8/9 yrs- size 11 & 13 Shoes
  • Girl 7 yrs- size 10 Shoes
  • Boy 4/5 yrs- size 11 Shoes
  • Girl 4 yrs- Age appropriate clothing
  • 2x Girls 3 yrs- Age appropriate clothing
  • 2x Girls 2 yrs- size 4 & 5 Shoes
  • Boy 3/4 yrs- size 7 Shoes
  • 2x Girls 2 yrs- Age appropriate clothing
  • Boy 2/3 yrs- Age appropriate clothing
  • Newborn and infant clothing


  • Formula: Nan/Lactogen – Stages1,2 and 3;
  • Baby/children’s cereal/juice/tea
  • Toiletries: bum cream, soaps, baby wash, wet wipes, shampoo, tissues, latex gloves
  • Pick n Pay vouchers for any of the above – proof of purchases will be provided

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