What We Do

Ukuthemba Foundation, in conjunction with local authorities, rescues babies and toddlers who face incredibly difficult situations, including extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and disability and keeps them safe by providing a loving home environment. Many of these children are born with drug and alcohol dependencies.

Children's Home Wish List

The Ukuthemba Foundation provides a permanent solution for orphaned and abandoned children in South Africa.

Moving away from large orphanages where children are often neglected and abused, the Ukuthemba concentrate on creating a small family nucleus of 6 children with a house mother.

This alternative approach to housing the children provides a home-like environment where they can be nurtured, attend the local schools and be integrated into society, with the emphasis being on love, education and protection.

Those in need receive medical care from nurses and all of them have the opportunity to be educated. Since it’s inception in 2006, Ukuthemba has opened five homes with great success and look forward to opening a sixth home at the end of 2015.¬†With your contribution we can create more permanent homes.

Ukuthemba have joined forces with Home from Home who will be operating these homes and providing daily support to the mothers. See www.homefromhome.org.za

Contributions are welcome

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Our list of necessities is never ending. Our wish list is vast ranging from monthly costs like electricity, insurance and security to the everyday running of homes with items such as formula, cereal, juice, tea, nappies, baby wash, wet wipes, latex gloves and much more. Click here to see the complete list and what you can do…

Awareness is the key

Please share this website with your friends, family and colleagues. One of the greatest contributions is spreading the word and making others aware of of our goals.